Implementing Graphic Design In School

I n my honest opinion, graphic design should start getting implemented into schools in an earlier stade.

I feel like the school system lacks a lot of information regarding computers, programming, graphic design, and web design. I feel like we focus so much on the general stuff like mathematics and literature and English or other languages that we forget that maybe we have to focus more on this computer or technological part.

I work in the industry as a graphic and web designer, but I didn't start learning this stuff until I was out of school. When I was still studying, we would only listen to the general staff of programming and computers. I wish we had learned a bit more to be more prepared for the industry and the Marketplace.

I remember before when we were younger when people ask, " What do you want to be when you grow up. We usually answered a lawyer or an architect or designer, but I don't remember anyone saying I want to be a web designer or a graphic designer. Precisely I wouldn't say I like this Factor because nowadays, the Marketplace is full of graphic and web designers, and I feel like we should have started learning about this a long time ago. We get the red preparation for every other professional job, but I don't think we get the proper preparation for this specific Marketplace. What

I would suggest would be to start learning these things a bit earlier and more precisely. We can't just learn everything right after school; we have to know if your basics and a few essentials are more prepared to face the workplace interface clients and the real world. Everyone I know who works in the same industry and has never learned anything from school. all their knowledge and everything they know and is putting action now in businesses and their works in their workplaces learned from other people from experience from courses or self-taught learning.

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  1. Pablo Villalpando
    Sam D.
    2 Days ago

    I strongly believe that it should have been implemented as a subject in highschool in most of the countries by now

  • Pablo Villalpando
    Anna H.
    2 Days ago

    It really is a great idea.

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